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Trademark Attorneys and Trademark Lawyers in Australia

We often get asked about the difference in Australia between a trademark attorney and a trademark lawyer. In Australia, a trademark attorney is a separate profession from that of a lawyer or a ‘trademark lawyer’.

While both professions are legal entitled to work in the field of trade marks for their clients, a trademark attorney is a specialist profession who are specially qualified to work in the field and hold themselves out as being trade mark attorneys. They can assist you in all trade mark matters. A lawyer can also assist you in your trademark matters and is entitled to hold themselves out as being a lawyer.

In practice, most lawyers do not have a particularly in-depth knowledge of trademarks law and procedures.

A lawyer must hold a law degree and a trademark attorney must hold a university degree (not necessarily law) together with government approved postgraduate subjects of study.

As with lawyers, communications between a registered trademark attorney and their clients are privileged. Our lawyers at Trademarking are also trademark attorneys.

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