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Problems with Amazon Recognising IP Australia Trademarks

To protect its seller’s trademarks, Amazon has recently rolled out its Amazon Brand Registry to Australian sellers.  To learn more about what the Amazon Brand Registry is for trademarks and why you should use it to protect your brand, you can read our recent article here. This is a follow-up article to provide information to those who are having difficulty getting Amazon to accept their Australian trademark that is on the IP Australia database.  To be eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry, your trademark at IP Australia needs the following:

  • It must be a word trademark or a word+logo trademark.  Technically, IP Australia will call these kinds of trademarks “Word” or “Word, Device” trademarks;
  • The trademark must match the brand name printed on your products and/or packaging;
  • The trademark must be officially registered.  If you have the registration certificate, then it is registered.  The IP Australia website will list such trademarks as “registered/protected”.  If you have only just lodged your trademark application for the first time, it will take 6 months until formal registration can be achieved;
  • Publicly available correspondence address or email.  If you have already applied for the trademark yourself and this is a problem, we can act as your trademark agent to resolve this problem.

If you are having problems with registering your IP Australia trademark with Amazon, please let us know and we can assist.

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